ReactJS: Day 20 of 100


Back after quite a bit of a break. Well, not really, have lots of work on my companies React project to do. But what I count here is reading up on things, refactoring and starting to add a new design to my project.

20th September 2020

ReactJS: Day 19 of 100


I added the feature papa asked for the whole week: editing products. As I wanted to use the same form as add products AND after learning so much React stuff in the past two weeks through work, my fears came true: Next step refactoring!

10th July 2020

ReactJS: Day 18 of 100


I did a lot of React Training via tutorials in the past two weeks. (For and thanks to the company, best case scenario), however I don’t quite count that for the #100DaysOfCode. Now that I know a bit more about the basic setup, I started cleaning up my package.json and added some helpful plugins to my code editor.

22nd June 2020